Tik Tik Tik (Music review), Tamil – D.Imman

The title track has Madhan Karky playing Tamil teacher yet again, teaching us new words, even as Imman, for the catchy song, trolls Tamil Nadu by getting Yuvan—who mispronounces Tamil a lot—and digitally smoothens his singing perfectly too! Kurumba and its reprise which sees the father and mother singing about their son has a predictably Imman’ish melody, but it is Madhan’s lines (Veettu paadam seidhaalo, ratha azhuttham yerum!) that stand out brilliantly! Vinveera is the astronaut-intro song; Sri Rascol’s punchy rap stands out. The 2 instrumental themes are competent. Listenable soundtrack from Imman, though not befitting the 100th album milestone.
Keywords: Tik Tik Tik, D.Imman
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