Velaikkaran (Music review), Tamil – Anirudh

Between inviting the velaikkaran and inspiring him, the former—Vaa velaikkara—with its exotic sound and Shakthisree’s fantastic vocals, works effortlessly. The latter (Ezhu velaikkara) is a lot of grandstanding sound that is merely background’ish. Idhayane‘s melody tries to hit the highs of Anirudh and Neeti’s Naanum Rowdy Dhaan, but the tune, while being pleasant, is uneven and less interesting. The soundtrack’s easy highlights are Karuthavanlaam galeejaam, a blistering techno-kuthu that Anirudh sings with incredible panache, and Iraiva, where Anirudh—along with Jonita—delivers an occasionally melodic and occasionally vocal chord busting missive to God! Velaikkaran is Anirudh largely at his typical, dependable self.
Keywords: Velaikkaran, Anirudh
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