Sathya (Music review), Tamil – Simon K. King

There’s something distinctly Harris Jayaraj about Kadhal Project, but Simon improvises to bring his unique stamp, with his own funky keyboard and Vasanth David’s drums. Keerthana Vaidyanathan, and Benny Dayal, in particular, blaze through the swanky vocals. Kalyani’s part in Yavvana is extraordinarily beautiful, but Yazin’s abrupt Yavvana hook demands time to get used to. They do gel well overall eventually, in an interesting tabla-guitar jugalbandi! Its reprise, though, gets incredibly maudlin. Sangu, both versions, offer a lot of grungy posturing but remain background’ish. The theme ends the soundtrack on a lovely high! After two fives, Simon’s music remains promising.
Keywords: Sathya, Simon K. King, Simon
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