Mellisai (Music review), Tamil – Sam C.S.

Vellai kanavu is a simple, evocative melody that Sam orchestrates in a likeable manner, along with Hariharan and Harini’s vocals. In Lola, Maria Kavitha Thomas’ stellar singing elevates the Bond-like tune, while the song’s Rock’y version by Andrea is even better! Parakkiren naan (and Take Me Higher) is an interesting combination of Latino, Waltz and a bit of Sufi too – it all comes together beautifully! In Mazhaikkulle, Sam neatly ties up Shreya’s melodic phrases with Haricharan’s Harris Jayaraj’esque lines neatly. The theme, featuring Chennai Orchestra, is a moody, intriguing listen. Sam makes a confident and accomplished debut in Mellisai!
Keywords: Sam C.S., Sam Riyas, Mellisai
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